About Us

West Ridge Academy is a K – 8 Core Knowledge Charter School chartered through the Greeley-Evans  School District 6.

Our Vision:

The vision is to prepare each student with an exemplary educational experience, allowing each child to meet his or her highest academic and character potential.

Our Mission:

The mission is to help our students excel to their full potential; the West Ridge community is committed to a rigorous academic learning environment taught by an exemplary staff of passionate educators.

We Believe:

  • all children can learn provided they receive proper instruction.
  • in providing a small school atmosphere where students are known by name and have a significant relationship with at least one adult in the school.
  • in ability grouping to meet the diverse educational needs of each student.
  • that all students are valued and respected.
  • all students should learn personal responsibility and a positive work ethic.
  • in emphasizing the role of the family in a child’s education, which includes providing meaningful parental involvement.

Administration and Staff

The West Ridge Academy faculty and staff are committed to helping all students who attend our school become well-educated, well-balanced, and well-prepared. On this page you will find the an amazing group of skilled and dedicated professionals.

Board of Directors

A single elected board of volunteers consisting of both parents and community members governs the West Ridge Academy. The board is committed to providing the best education possible for all the students of WRA. The board’s jurisdiction covers all aspects of West Ridge Academy.