The West Ridge Academy Warrior Athletic Program competes in six sports through the Northern Colorado Independent League. This league covers private and charter schools in the Greeley, Fort Collins, and Loveland metro areas. As of now, the league consists of thirteen schools. The league’s goal is to provide middle school athletes with the opportunity to learn and flourish in an athletic environment, all while learning the traits of sportsmanship and respect.

West Ridge Academy participates in six different sports that happen over four different athletic seasons . These athletic programs are available to students in grades 6-8, but if there isn’t enough interest, 5th graders are allowed to try out. The following programs are offered by the West Ridge Academy, along with the season dates.

  • Boys Soccer- Mid-August to Early October
  • Girls Volleyball- Mid-August to Early October
  • Boys Basketball- Mid October to Winter Break
  • Girls Basketball- Beginning of January to Early March
  • Boys and Girls Track- Middle of March to Early May
  • Girls Soccer- Middle of March to Early May

At the West Ridge Academy, we are looking to have student athletes not athlete students. For this reason, academics are an integral part of the athletics program. The athletic director oversees the students’ grades and behaviors in their classes. If a student has one D in a class, they are placed on a probation period. There must be an improvement in the student’s grade, otherwise in a two-week period they will be ineligible to play in games. If a student has two D’s or one F, they are ineligible for the following week’s games. This means that the student doesn’t travel with the team and does not attend the game. The coach for the team, along with the parents, will decide if the student can practice. There is a charge of fifty dollars for each student to participate for athletics. We use this money to reserve gymnasiums for our home games and payment for the referees.