Board of Directors

Board Meetings

WRA Board of Directors Meetings are generally held the second Monday of the month starting at 6:30 p.m. Meetings are subject to change. All changes will be posted on the website. Board meetings are open to the public, and we encourage everyone to attend.

Click here to view the proposed 2017 – 2018 BOD Calendar.


Board Meeting Agendas

Meeting Agendas are posted 24 hours before the meeting on the office doors.

Click here for archive of past minutes and agendas.

July 2017 Agenda

August 2017 Agenda

September 2017 Agenda

October 2017 Agenda

November 2017 Agenda

December 2017 Agenda

January 2018 Agenda

February 2018 Agenda

March 2018 Agenda

April 2018 Agenda

May 2018 Agenda

June 2018 Agenda


Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for all BOD Meetings for the current school year are available below.

Click here for archive of past minutes and agendas.

July 2017 Meeting Minutes

August 2017 Meeting Minutes

September 2017 Meeting Minutes

October 2017 Meeting Minutes

November 2017 Meeting Minutes

December 2017 Meeting Minutes

January 2018 Meeting Minutes

February 2018 Meeting Minutes

March 2018 Meeting Minutes

April 2018 Meeting Minutes

May 2018 Meeting Minutes

June 2018 Meeting Minutes


Board of Directors Bylaws

Click here for a copy of the BOD Bylaws.